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Ray Ban 90 OffBut she knew that going in. She says that's why she's doing it. Good for her.. Like the Boosh's antics, Beehive takes place in a particularly surreal and silly comedy universe with a wardrobe full of outlandish costumes. One recurring sketch sees all four girls dressing up as the same celebrity and doing something weirdly out of character. It's a comedy double whammy of seeing quadruple and having your expectations of a well known face subverted. Mars is our closest planetary neighbour but it is still very far away. The distance between Earth and Mars is constantly changing due to their orbits around the Sun. The closest Mars gets to Earth is around 56 million kilometres. We buried 104 bodies from the village of Ahmici, and I want to see, fundamentally, what has happened to those people who were left behind, people that sometimes you never hear about, and want to talk to the mothers who've lost their childrenAnd I particularly want to talk to the United Nations soldiers who have been largely blamed in the case of Srebrenica for actually standing by and watching a massacre take place.Hatidja Mehmedovic: (Via translator) We are standing near the graves of my family, and their bodies are not complete but I could wait anymore.Hasan Hasanovic: More than 8000 people were killed and still the majority of the perpetrators were not brought to justice.Wim Dijkman: What we saw there, there was terrible.Hasan Nohanovic: The Dutch battalion did not fire one single round at the attacking Serb forces.Wim Dijkman: What could we do? We could damage the paint on the Serbian tanks no more.Hasan Nohanovic: What happened there, including genocide, you know, actually happened under the UN flag.Wim Dijkman: They didn't tell us anything. We were fooled.Bob Stewart: This is the housewhere I found all your family I was crying That's difficult They came to seek shelter here and they were murdered.Bob Stewart: What I will feel like in Srebrenica, which I went to in 1993, is tension. When we first went in there with B Squad of the 9th/12th Lancers, 20 civilians were killed around our vehicles. The human body is one if not the most complex subject an artist can deal with. At the same time, the public's reactions to the body, particularly when it is unclothed, are just as complex. Yet artists, since the beginning of times, have represented the nude body and have never ceased to submit such images to the acceptation or rejection of their public. Lord Tweedsmuir's vice regal train arrived in the afternoon at the CNR station on Ross Street. The train was used for accommodations for the vice regal party while Lord Tweedsmuir visited parts of central Alberta. Lord Tweedsmuir was greeted by Mayor Hogg and then accompanied to a reception at the Armoury.

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